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More Outdoor Friends is an initiative that aims to help people find their place in nature. Our purpose is to open up a space where people can find their own connection with the natural world. We don't want nature to feel like an isolated pocket of land available to the few who can ID a bird in latin, read an OS map or explain the complexity of the climate crisis we face. We want to explore peoples potential in finding nature, we want to learn from peoples experiences. To see the process as a holistic venture and recognising that connecting with nature can be as simple as pausing to feel the wind on your face, it can be photographing a sunset or cooking something delicious from fruits of the earth. We want to help people find the substance of the earth in which they exist.

We can't deny that knowing names of species isn't rewarding but ultimately we want to support people in understanding the PURPOSE of these interactions that happen in nature and how these interactions influence everything among it. We want our friends to bring their creativity and curiosity to the exploration and we deliver this by hosting workshops, walks, drawing classes, online cooking tutorials and signposting people to wild events. We'll be celebrating the ways others find their way into the natural world and want to give people the confidence to find their space and own it.