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Eco Musica #1

Nature starts from within? What do you think about that?

We don't always have to touch the earth to truly feel it. Nature can be sourced from other senses, what we hear and the feeling it provokes. The artists shared on our playlist have dedicated their works to their rich sonic environment, creating eco-tonics and immersive natural sounds. Each week we'll add something new in hope to build a collection of nature moving sounds that you can enjoy from the inside out. Our playlist this week was inspired by the movement and sound of the birds. Conversations on the piano from Fabio Caramuru to imaginations of murmurations from the Cloud Of Birds with Wu Fei et. al. However you interpret our first four tracks, we hope you enjoy it.
Track 1 - Cigarra by Fabio Caramuru

Track 2 - Cloud of Birds by Wu Fei

Track 3 - Birds by Julien Marchal

Track 4 - Nami by Meitei

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